2019 UK Review: Hospital Beds for Home Care

✔ Pros ✘ Cons – Offers all the essential functionality you need from a nursing bed.– Easy to move with four braked castors.– A low height version is available for improved access.– The bed can tilt as well as raise/lower. – The bed is only covered by a 12 month warranty for parts only.– The […]

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How to Buy Hospital Bed Home

How to Buy a Hospital Bed and Mattress for Your Home

There are five key steps to consider when you looking to buy a hospital bed and mattress for your own home. However, before reading this guide it may be helpful to familiarise yourself with the functions and types of hospital beds available. View our: ‘Hospital Beds ‘All You Need to Know’ Guide. 1. Buying yourself […]

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Patient Hoists Guide

Patient Lifting Hoists for Transferring – All You Need to Know

Patient lifting hoists for the home are designed for transferring high dependency persons who have very limited mobility around the home, for example from a bed to a chair or the bath. The dependency of a patient is categorised into two classifications: Two patient dependency classifications Active A patient that is is classified as active […]

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Mobility Chair Elderly

How to Buy a Mobility Chair for an Elderly Loved One

For an elderly person with limited mobility, alongside their bed, they usually spend the majority of their time in a chair. Today’s market is filled with cheap, inadequate, ugly rise and recline chairs that may suffice as occasional chairs, but are hardly a fitting solution for someone who spends most of their time sitting down. […]

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Pressure mattress bed sores

Pressure Relief Mattresses for Bed Sores – All You Need to Know

What is a pressure relief mattress Pressure relief mattresses are designed to relieve pressure from your skin to prevent bed sores from developing. Bed sores (pressure sores) result from long periods of being in the same position. For a person with limited mobility, a significant amount of time is spent is spent in bed, meaning […]

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Wheelchairs Guide

Wheelchairs for Getting Around – All You Need to Know

This guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing a wheelchair, either for yourself or for somebody in your care. The first thing to ascertain, is the mobile capacity of the wheelchair user. Will they be able to get in and out of the wheelchair unassisted? Are they able to use a self-propelled […]

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Hospital Bed at Home

7 Ways to Get a Hospital Bed for your Home

When the time comes to get a hospital bed at home for yourself or a loved one, you will likely feel a little daunted. Fear not, this guide will give you a really good understanding of all the possible ways of getting a hospital bed and what you need to do get one. There are […]

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Rise and Recline Chair

Rise and Recline Chairs for Mobility – All You Need to Know

A rise and recline chair is a mobility chair that rises up and tilts to help it users to stand up from a seated position. They are also known as riser recliner chairs, chairs for the elderly, riser chairs and electric mobility chairs. What is a rise and recline chair and how does it work […]

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