Adjustable Mobility Beds

Adjustable Mobility Beds for Comfort and Support – All You Need to Know


Adjustable mobility beds are beds with electric adjustments that support and comfort elderly and disabled persons. They give the user better quality sleep, allow them to sit up when not sleeping, and also ease the process of getting in and out of bed.

What is an adjustable mobility bed and how does it work

Adjustable mobility beds have electrically controlled backrests and legrests to provide orthopedic support to the user. The backrest can be used to sit up in bed and also facilitate getting out of the bed, whilst the legrest can be raised to improve circulation and provide comfort.

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All functions are controlled through an electric handset control that can usually be clipped onto the bed frame or adjacent furniture.

Electric backrest

Adjustable Electric BedThe electric backrest on an adjustable bed brings several benefits to the user. Raising your head slightly is a proven way of improving sleep and can reduce snoring through better air circulation. A raised backrest also improves spinal support and only requires you to use one pillow, reducing neck strain. Finally, raising the backrest right up allows you to sit up in bed for reading, eating and general relaxation.

Electric legrest

The electric legrest also has benefits. For users with medical conditions that cause foot swelling and poor circulation, the legrest helps to drain fluids from the feet. Lying with your feet slightly raised is also an extremely comfortable position and is posturally recommended. Finally, a raised legrest prevents you from slipping down the bed.

Adjustable mattresses

Mattresses are a very important part of you adjustable bed. You won’t be able to use a standard sprung or foam mattress as they do not flex with adjustable base. All suppliers will be able to offer you a mattress with your bed, and most will sell you your bed as a set. The best supplier will give you a choice of mattresses so that you can select your favourite composition (foam, springs, gel) and also your preferred firmness.

Alpine HC Electric Bed HandsetMobility accessories

Grab rails and supportive mobility devices can be added to these beds to give the user further assistance in getting out of the bed. The most common is a divan bed grab rial that provides a grab handle at the side of the mattress to hold on to when getting out of bed.

Who adjustable beds are for

Adjustable mobility beds are designed for elderly and disabled persons who spend a lot of time in bed and require support to get in and out.

Most commonly, these electric beds are used in the home and are upholstered and styled to look the part in a domestic setting. However, they are also used in disabled access hotel rooms, holiday lodgings, cruise ships and day centres.

The orthopedic benefits of electric adjustment in bed

There are proven orthopedic benefits of sleeping on an adjusted base. If you are a side sleeper, a raised backrest and legrest will cradle you in a position that means your spinal cord is perfectly straight. For more information on sleeping well, visit the Sleep Council website.

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