About Mobility Home

Mobility Home is fast becoming established as the home of quality information for the less able seeking to achieve mobility in and around their own home. Contributed to by a range of authors who have experience of mobility-limiting conditions and supported by experts and specialists in the field of mobility equipment, Mobility Home gives readers holistic, helpful, and honest information to help you choose the most life-improving items of equipment for your home.

About Mobility Home

“The home of quality information for mobility in and around your home”

The Mobility Home site is an idea borne out of frustration at the existing mobility-related content on the web and the current mainstream offering of mobility equipment for the home. At Mobility Home, those who have experience of using mobility equipment and/or living with a disability at home contribute ideas, articles and equipment recommendations that we filter, edit, and publish based on the information we think is most helpful to our readers and the web as a whole.

Contributors are optionally anonymous which enables us to discover the hidden stories and perspectives of those with real experience of mobility at home. The running of the site is supported by sponsors and advertisers, and trusted mobility equipment suppliers themselves are keen contributors and supporters of the site. Our five key objectives for Mobility Home are:

  1. Provide our readers with holistic, helpful, and honest information about mobility in the home.
  2. Make it as easy as possible for those with real-life experiences to share their stories and recommendations.
  3. Publish articles that give buying guidance and all relevant knowledge needed to make considered choices.
  4. Partner only with equipment suppliers that are trusted and proven to truly care about life-changing products.
  5. Highlight innovative and appealing mobility equipment that is fitting in a home environment.

To contribute ideas, recommendations, and draft articles, please visit our ‘Contribute’ page.